"Mitts-night" Train to Georgia

For our final "Midnight" themed New Year's Eve game, I'm bringing back a popular one that we played at our family Christmas party.  In this version, I'm calling it:

"Mitts-night Train to Georgia"

This is the game where the present is wrapped multiple times and you have to unwrap it using oven mitts.  Because of my song title, I've decided that the prize will be a Salted Nut Roll and Peanut M&M's!

For the game specifics, here is a link to the original post:

So...in a nutshell, here are the three games that I'll be bribing my kids to play on New Year's Eve:

  1. Mitts-night Train to Georgia (dice/present passing)

Just for fun, I bought $1 lottery scratch-offs.  I put them in individual envelopes with a sticker that says,

"Wishing you peace and prosperity in the coming year!"

(And I wish that for you, too!)

I truly was going to stop right there, but then I thought about our cat, Rider, or should I say...

Midnight Rider!

Happy 2011!

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