Sunday, December 26, 2010

Midnight at the "O-Aces" Game

We host a family New Year's Eve party every year.  There are teens/tweens involved and we like them to play a couple of games with us.  As long as there are prizes, they don't complain too stock up on the after-Christmas candy!

This year, in honor of New Year's Eve and for my own enjoyment, I've named our games after songs that have the word "Midnight" in them.  :-)

"Midnight at the O-Aces" Game
(This game doesn't have anything to do with aces, I just liked the name!)
  • Buy a piece of tagboard and divide it into four equal quadrants.  (For straight lines, trace along a yardstick or a large T-square.)

  • Number each of the squares, either freehand or trace stencils if you have them.

  • You need two decks of playing cards with different colored backs.

  • Divide your group into two teams.  Give each player the same number of cards (we used 10 cards per person, but it will depend on how large your teams are).

  • Have players take turns tossing their cards at the board from approximately five to eight feet away.  (The weight of the cards is a factor here.  Ours were lightweight, so we had to be closer to five feet for them to even get near the board.)

  • The goal is for your team to score the most points(It doesn't matter what value is on each card or if they land face up or face down.)

  • At the end of the game, turn over all of the cards that landed on the board so their backs show.  If any part of the card touches the game board, they get the points (1, 2, 3 or 4 points).  If it is on the line, move the card to whichever section has most of the card on it.

  • Add up the point values for the red cards and the blue cards to determine the winner!

If you'd like a New Year's Eve Bingo Game click here:

Remember, if you play your cards right...

no one will get lost in the shuffle!

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