Friday, July 15, 2016

"Family Similarities" Group Game

We recently had a combo family reunion, graduation party and baby shower for our extended family.

Awww - the new babies (great nephew, nephew and great niece)

As one of my games, we played something that I called "Family Similarities".  I just made up a list of things and said "Raise your hand if you..."

It was fun to look around after each question to see who had some of the same traits and preferences as I did.  Easy, fun game.  Copy and paste my list (see below) or come up with a list of your own questions.  Did people enjoy my game?  I'll say!  They were simply jumping for joy!  :-)  Karen

This is a fun photo, count 1-2-3-jump and try to get them in mid-air!

Family Similarities?  Raise your hand if you…
  1. Have ever fainted in public
  2. Like sushi
  3. Laughed so hard you cried
  4. Have never gotten a speeding ticket
  5. Broke a bone and wore a cast
  6. Can converse in a foreign language
  7. Have been to Hawaii
  8. Have visited another continent
  9. Are afraid of spiders
  10. Have driven across the border (Canada or Mexico)
  11. Don’t like chocolate
  12. Can play a musical instrument
  13. Have had stitches
  14. Get sick on carnival rides
  15. Like pickles
  16. Like to cook
  17. Are allergic to anything
  18. Like to read
  19. Are left handed
  20. Have never been on an airplane
  21. Went to summer camp
  22. Like Country Music
  23. Can run a mile without walking
  24. Have had braces
  25. Have milked a cow
  26. Have hit a homerun in baseball/softball
  27. Know how to waterski
  28. Been on a mission trip
  29. Have an Xbox 360
  30. Like vegetables