Saturday, April 4, 2015

Minnesota Things - Breadsmith!

I am the co-chair for an upcoming non-profit Silent Auction.  It is a lot of work, but I am learning many new things, mainly that companies (both locally and nationally) can be very generous!

Today we received a donation from Breadsmith.  As I was researching what to write for my "online description", I learned that they have complimentary "Bakery Tours"!  While I haven't been on one (yet), I absolutely love the idea and will make it happen sometime this summer.

The tour description from their website:

Bakery Tours

We welcome groups for behind-the-scenes tours of the bakery. This complimentary tour shows the bread-baking process. Groups of eight to ten have the opportunity to make bread and bring a freshly baked baguette home. This activity is great for adults and kids.

Bakery tours are great for:
  • Family outings
  • Book clubs
  • Scout troops
  • Daycare field trips
  • And more


I already LOVE them and just wanted to share this information!  Minnesota locations:  St. Paul, Minnetonka, Edina.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Disney "Family-Feud" Style Group Game

My youngest son is in a musical group at school and they recently performed a Disney-themed Madrigal Dinner...

The Disney Villains

We had the kids over for a Halloween party, so I came up with an easy Disney centered "top five answers are on the board" kind of game for them.  I collected answers from all over the internet, some from top 5 lists, some I made up, etc.  However, I did say that, "100 RANDOM people were surveyed".  I basically told them to write down the first thing they thought of after I asked the question.  If any of their answers were in the TOP FIVE, they would get points.  At the end, whoever had the most points would win. (Note:  Most of the lists that I used were older, so I would tell them that there aren't any "recent" answers from Frozen, etc.)

We played this with a mixture of teenage boys and girls and they all seemed to enjoy the game.  They were quite animated and interactive when the answers were read (What?!?  So and so isn't on the list?)  Simply create answer sheets from one to ten and ask the following questions:

1)        Name a Disney princess.

2)        Other than Woody and Buzz, name a character from Toy Story I or II.

3)        Name one of Mickey’s pals.

4)        Name a male Disney movie character.

5)        Name a Disney movie that made you cry.
6)        Name a country from Epcot’s World Showcase.

7)        Other than Pooh, name a character from Winnie the Pooh.

8)        Name a Disney villain.

9)        Name a popular ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

10)    Name a popular Disney sidekick.

Scroll down for the answers...


Say something like:  "#1:  Name a Disney princess.  If you said "Snow White", give yourself 5 points, "Cinderella" is 4 points..."

1)        Name a Disney princess.
5 points:   Snow White
4 points:   Cinderella
3 points:   Jasmine
2 points:   Ariel
1 point:     Belle

2)        Other than Woody and Buzz, name a character from Toy Story I or II.
5 points:   Jesse
4 points:   Rex
3 points:   Bullseye
2 points:   Slinky Dog
1 point:     Mr. Potato Head

3)        Name one of Mickey’s pals.
5 points:   Minnie Mouse
4 points:   Donald Duck
3 points:   Goofy
2 points:   Pluto
1 point:     Daisy Duck

4)        Name a male Disney cmovie haracter.
5 points:   Aladdin
4 points:   Simba
3 points:   Beast
2 points:   Hercules
1 point:     Tarzan

5)        Name a Disney movie that made you cry.
5 points:   Bambi
4 points:   Old Yeller
3 points:   The Lion King
2 points:   Toy Story
1 point:     Dumbo

6)        Name a country from Epcot’s World Showcase.
5 points:   China
4 points:   France
3 points:   England
2 points:   Japan
1 point:     Mexico

7)        Other than Pooh, name a character from Winnie the Pooh.
5 points:   Tigger
4 points:   Piglet
3 points:   Eeyore
2 points:   Rabbit
1 point:     Christopher Robin

8)        Name a Disney villain.
5 points:   Maleficent
4 points:   Jafar
3 points:   Scar
2 points:   Ursula
1 point:     Cruella De Vil

9)        Name a popular ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.
5 points:   Space Mountain
4 points:   It’s a Small World
3 points:   Pirates of the Caribbean
2 points:   Dumbo, the Flying Elephant
1 point:     Mad Tea Party

10)    Name a popular Disney sidekick.
5 points:   Genie
4 points:   Mushu
3 points:   Sebastian the Crab
2 points:   Timon
1 point:     Pumbaa

Similar game for a Wedding Shower:  Bridal Family Feud
Similar game for a group (general):  Group Family Feud

Enjoy!  Karen


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gilligan's Island Party - The Treasure Hunt!

Here is part two of my son's Gilligan Island themed party...the Treasure Hunt!
  (If you missed part one, please click here.)

If you plan ahead and can collect a few of those tiny liquor bottles, that is what we used for our clues.  The openings are small, so just roll the clue around a pencil and it will be easier to put in the bottle!  (Otherwise use any small bottle or just put the clues in an envelope.)

I found the clues here (note:  you will need to scroll down to the bottom of her post, under pssst:  you can totally steal mine):
There are three different images.  To get them to print correctly:
  • Click on one set of four clues.
  • Under "File", select "Print Preview". 
  • Select landscape:
  • Change "Shrink to Fit" to 50% (or 60% if you stretch your margins)
  • Print in color on regular copy paper.
Repeat this step for the other two sets of four clues.  You can pick and choose which clues you want to use.  I tried to make him go upstairs, then downstairs, then outside, then downstairs, then upstairs - you get the idea.

I put this clue in a bottle and handed it to him to begin:

In this case, I put the next clue in the refrigerator (or you could use the pantry).  Your hunt will be different from mine depending on which clues you use and in which order - but I do find it easier to start at the end of the treasure hunt (where they will find the actual present) and work backward.

Because of our Gilligan's Island theme, his present was a hammock  (but I also like those chair hammocks that you can hang in their room).

I've started a Gilligan's Island Pinterest page, so please look there for additional ideas and printables!

Linking to:  Kim's Kandy Kreations


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