Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Midnight Caller (New Year's Eve Bingo)

Continuing with my theme of naming our New Year's Eve party games after songs that have the word "Midnight" in them...here is a free bingo printable.

"Midnight Caller"

Click here to generate your free cards:  New Year's Eve Bingo

This brings up a custom word list...

  • Click submit
On the next screen, I left everything at the default settings, except I put the word, Free, in the center square.  This gave me ten different bingo cards (two per sheet) with randomly generated words that could go under any column.  (However, you can customize the cards at this point if you want to.)

Important:  Before you go on, select the entire word list and copy it.  Open your word processing program and paste it in, then...
  • Click submit

  • Click the link to generate your free set of bingo cards and print them out (I used card stock).
Note:  If you need more cards, go back and change "Card Size" to "four bingo cards per page".  This will give you 20 different cards.

Finally, go back to your word processing document.  Increase the font size and space the words farther apart.  Print this page to cut out your "call words".

Use "Smarties" candy or M&M's for the playing pieces.  Buy a couple of small prizes and have fun playing Midnight Caller on New Year's Eve! 

(Remember this website for other free bingo games, too.
There are all kinds of options under "Bingo Templates"!)

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  1. Love your ideas, please keep them coming! :)

  2. Just printed mine for tomorrow night! Again, I hope I am not the only one in my family excited! I think it will be fun to add this to our usual night of homemade pizzas and puzzles!