Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to make a dog bone gift container

I made this homemade "dog bone" as a gift container/prize for my "Dog Lover's" treasure hunt.  (To make the treasure hunt a little more difficult, here is Part II.)  Note:  This is also an easy prop to make for a caveman costume.

To make the dog bone, you will need:
  • A Prize (I used money, but you could also use candy, jewelry, gift certificates, lottery cards, etc. -- anything that fits!)
  • Three toilet paper tubes OR one paper towel tube
  • Masking tape
  • Optional:  Kleenex (for stuffing, so things don't rattle around)

Connect the tubes together and then make four similar-sized balls of tape for the ends.  Make sure to put your present inside before you start taping everything together!  You can use crumpled up Kleenex to hold the gift in place.

Simply wrap masking tape around the tubes until everything is completely covered.  Tear off smaller pieces of masking tape to attach the ends.  (Use enough tape so that the bone feels sturdy.)

(Cody thinks it looks like a real bone!)

At the time there was a popular song on the radio, so we made another version and called it "Bone Iver".

This gift would be fun for any dog-lover in your life!


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