Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A (photo) treasure hunt for an animal lover!

Pine Tree

If you have a beloved family pet, this easy treasure hunt is for you!

Simply photograph your dog (or cat, horse, bird, etc.) near a few recognizable landmarks in your yard (or inside your house/apartment). 

Wood Pile

Sad Garden

Old Barn

You can either upload/print your photographs OR use "Insert Picture" in Microsoft Word.  Put each photo on a separate page and print the pages single-sided on a color printer.

Hiding the present/clues is easy (I typically work backward).  Using my four-photo example above, let's say that I had hidden a present for my son near the old barn.  That means that I would need to plant the "Old Barn" photo in the sad garden.  I would plant the "Sad Garden" photo near the wood pile and put the "Wood Pile" photo near the pine tree.

In a perfect world, this is how it would work:

1)  I would hand my son the photo of the "Pine Tree", which will lead him to the first location...
2)  At the pine tree, he will find the photo for the "Wood Pile".
3)  He will locate the wood pile and find the photo of the "Sad Garden".
4)  At the sad garden, he will find the photo of the "Old Barn".
5)  He will search near the old barn until he finds his present!

Somehow, I am making this sound more difficult than it is!  I typically use between 4 and 8 photos/clues depending on how much time I have to get ready.

In an upcoming post, I will show you an option to make this treasure hunt more more difficult for a teen.

If you are making a dog-specific treasure hunt like I did, I will also show you how to make a bone that is big enough to hold small prizes (or large amounts of money)!  Here is a sneak preview:

Have fun!



  1. Okay, the "sad" garden is funny. So was this for Cody or the boys???

  2. This treasure hunt was for the older kidlet. "Cody" hid the bone (with the prize inside) in the dog house. :-)