Money Shamrock with Free Printable

Some of you know that I like to try my hand at folding money, so here is a free printable with a money shamrock for you to try!

Money Shamrock with Free Printable

My oldest recently had some hard "adulting" moments.  He put his beloved dog down, moved to a new rental house, and then his car was stolen from the alley.  The cops did find the car after a couple of weeks, but it was in the impound lot with three slashed tires.  It has been one thing after another...

I saw an Irish blessing on Pinterest that I thought was appropriate, so I made a free printable to go along with my money shamrock.  I used dollar bills for the small hearts and a $20 for the stem.

Money Shamrock with Free Printable

Here is the YouTube video that I used.

Unfortunately there aren't any words for this one, but just pause at each step until you catch up.  The one tricky part where I thought she went too fast is this fold...

To get the "square", keep the accordion fold in the middle before you continue.

Money Shamrock with Free Printable

Money Shamrock with Free Printable

I used small loops of Scotch tape to hold everything together.  These hearts are small, but thick, so I placed the whole thing under a heavy book for a couple of days.

Here is the free printable for you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Money Shamrock with Free Printable

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