Merry "Christmitts" Game

This is a fun party game for your
upcoming Christmas get-togethers!

Merry Christmitts Group Game

You will need:
  • two oven mitts (dollar store)
  • a plate or pie tin
  • one die to roll
  • an unbreakable gift (wrapped and wrapped and wrapped)*

*Double wrap your gift (I used a Life Savers candy book), but don't go crazy with the tape.  Put it in a box and wrap it again.  Put it in a bigger box and wrap it again.  Do this four or five times (until you run out of boxes or patience).


1)  With everyone sitting in a circle, have the youngest player pick a number between one and six (that will be the number that people are trying to roll).

2)  Pass the plate and the die and have everyone roll until they hit the number.  The first person to roll the chosen number puts on the oven mitts and starts opening the present.

3)  As soon as someone else rolls the chosen number, they get the present and the mitts and take over unwrapping the present.

4)  This continues until someone completely unwraps the actual present.  That person is the winner!

Note:  This game can be used at any time of year...
I'm also planning to use it on New Year's Eve,

Let me know if you try Merry Christmitts!

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Merry Christmitts Game

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