Sunday, November 22, 2015

Using the Snipping Tool to Create Games


Using the Snipping Tool to Create Games

I want to make sure that you are all aware of the "Snipping Tool" on your Windows PC.  It is located under the Start Menu (lower left hand corner of your screen).  Click the Start Menu, then click All Programs and choose Accessories.  Right click on the Snipping Tool and select "Pin to Taskbar".  Now it will always be available to you from the Taskbar along the bottom of your screen.

To use the Snipping Tool:  Left click on the Snipping Tool image and then left click your mouse to drag a box around whatever you are trying to "snip".  You can then copy/paste the snip into Word where you can resize it, etc.  (Note for Apple users, I believe there is a similar option using Cmd/Shift/4.)

The Snipping Tool is how you will begin to create games for THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

HOMEWORK:  Find Four Images (Things That You Want Your Contestants to "Bid" on)
  • Search the Internet for unique items for your contestants to bid on.  When you find something you'd like to use, select the Snipping Tool and draw a box around the item (excluding the price).  Use CTRL C to copy the image.  Open Microsoft Word and paste in the image (CTRL V).  At this point you can click on the image and "handles" will appear around the edge.  To make the image larger, select one of the corner handles and drag it to increase the size.  I also centered the image (CTRL E) and typed a short description of my item.  MAKE SURE TO KEEP TRACK OF THE PRICE (but don't print it on your page)!
Here is an example of a jukebox that I used:
Crosley Deluxe Jukebox with Universal iPod Dock, CD Player and 64-Track Memory
(The actual retail value for this Jukebox was $1,496.)

Your items can be anything you want!  I used the Jukebox, a Broyhill dining set, a Gibson Limited Edition Guitar and a Coach Purse.

Before we move on:  Become familiar with the Snipping Tool by finding four items on the Internet for your future players to bid on.  Snip the images, copy and paste them into Microsoft Word, resize them so they each fit on one page and print them out (in color if possible).  Don't forget to keep track of the prices

If you've never used the Snipping Tool before, you are going to LOVE it!


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