Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gilligan's Island Party - The Treasure Hunt!

Here is part two of my son's Gilligan Island themed party...the Treasure Hunt!
  (If you missed part one, please click here.)

If you plan ahead and can collect a few of those tiny liquor bottles, that is what we used for our clues.  The openings are small, so just roll the clue around a pencil and it will be easier to put in the bottle!  (Otherwise use any small bottle or just put the clues in an envelope.)

I found the clues here (note:  you will need to scroll down to the bottom of her post, under pssst:  you can totally steal mine):
There are three different images.  To get them to print correctly:
  • Click on one set of four clues.
  • Under "File", select "Print Preview". 
  • Select landscape:
  • Change "Shrink to Fit" to 50% (or 60% if you stretch your margins)
  • Print in color on regular copy paper.
Repeat this step for the other two sets of four clues.  You can pick and choose which clues you want to use.  I tried to make him go upstairs, then downstairs, then outside, then downstairs, then upstairs - you get the idea.

I put this clue in a bottle and handed it to him to begin:

In this case, I put the next clue in the refrigerator (or you could use the pantry).  Your hunt will be different from mine depending on which clues you use and in which order - but I do find it easier to start at the end of the treasure hunt (where they will find the actual present) and work backward.

Because of our Gilligan's Island theme, his present was a hammock  (but I also like those chair hammocks that you can hang in their room).

I've started a Gilligan's Island Pinterest page, so please look there for additional ideas and printables!

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  1. Love it! So, how long did it take you to collect all your clue bottles? ;)