Monday, February 10, 2014

Show Choir Mustache/Lip Treats for Teens

If you "MUSTACHE", we are very excited about our Show Choir!  Their first competition of the season is fast approaching, so I wanted to make the teenagers some treats for after practice.
(I'm hoping they think these suckers are as funny as I do!)

I made a couple of is a photo of my cute nephew!

The free mustache/lip printable  is from I Heart Naptime.  These can be used as Valentine's, but for the "plain" version, you only want to print page one.

(I used Jolly Rancher suckers, but Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops would also work.)


Simply print the images from the first page onto card stock, cut out them out and punch a small hole between the teeth. Thread the sucker stick in back to front and you're done!

Most teens still have a wacky sense of humor underneath it all, so...
"READ MY LIPS" - Let's try to make them feel special, too!
(Even when they are rolling their eyes!)



  1. Even if they did roll their eyes, you know that they secretly loved them and think you are the coolest mom ever!