Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy Dish Towel Artwork

I have a birthday twin at work and I wanted to make her a unique gift.  Since she has two budding artists and showcases many of  their best projects on her walls, I decided to try my hand at a custom tea towel.  I secretly photocopied one picture from her son and one drawing from her daughter to "combine" on my towel.

Note:  These towels would also be cute gifts for a wedding shower if you have a piece of artwork that the future bride drew for you when she was little! 

You can also trace artwork that you find on the good source of free artwork is The Graphics Fairy.  I am a fan of her simple "retro" images.

Anyway, this fun post from settingforfour was my inspiration for the towel:

 Tea Towel Art

How to:
Simply buy a set of dish towels; wash, dry and iron them with Spray Starch.

Place your copied artwork beneath the towel (I centered mine, near one edge).  Using an ultra fine point Sharpie, carefully trace your artwork onto the towel.

Since I was combining two pictures, I used her daughter's bugs/butterflies
and clouds as filler to balance out my image...

My birthday twin laughed when I gave her the towel
and her kids thought it was cool, too.

You could even make one for grandma!

Try it!


  1. Love that idea, Karen! But I doubt I could pull it off as cleverly as you. :)

  2. That was awesome....and so thoughtful too!