Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunny Envelope Treat Bag

Here is an easy idea for a bunny treat bag
(made out of an envelope)! 

  (These could be used as gifts for your kids, Sunday School class, Brownie Troop, neighbors, teachers, co-workers, as party-favors, whatever!)

For this version, it is best to use non-security envelopes.

Seal the flap on a small envelope (same color inside and out) and flip it over.

Draw a curved guideline about halfway down your envelope.  Trace pointed curves for the ears.  I traced around oval templates, but you could use a mug or even draw freehand! 

Draw a face on your bunny using a marker.

You can use crayons or markers, but I used pink blush to color the nose, cheeks and ears.

Cut out your bunny and erase your center guideline.

Fill the bunny with basket filler (grass) and treats.  Staple it closed between the ears.

If you want to be extra fancy, glue a small pom pom on the back of the envelope...

Happy Spring!  


  1. Very cute, Karen. Don't you just love all of the things that can be done with envelopes? :)

  2. Ha ha, I love it. I think you need one for every holiday now...this is just as cute as the leprechaun!!

  3. That is so cute....I love the little tail idea! Super easy and super cheap! I never would have thought to use actual blush either!

  4. So cute! I used to love doing things like this for my kids when they were little.

  5. We used to make these when I was a kid out of white lunch bags. My mom drew the face and we cut the ears out of the top of the bag and filled with goodies for the food bank. It was our community service project.

  6. I LOVE the community service idea -- maybe I'll post a follow-up. Thanks!

  7. So incredibly cute! And I still have so many envelopes that are at least a decade old. I think I’ll have to use this for my daughter’s classmates!

  8. going to use this one for sure for Sunday School! perfect- just what I was looking for!