Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Decorative Twine Ball How-To

Have you ever wondered how to make those twine balls that people use as decorations?  They are easy to do, and this is a GREAT way to use up all your old school glue!

Blow up a small balloon until it's round-ish and then tie it off.  Squeeze a bunch of glue into a small bowl and then dilute it with some water (the goal is approx. 2/3 glue, 1/3 water, but this isn't an exact science).  Note:  It helps to add a bit of Mod Podge, too!

Dip the twine in the glue mixture and start wrapping it around the balloon.  This step is messy, but fun!

Wrap the balloon until you like the approximate look of the twine ball.  Note:  You can slightly adjust the wet strings before they dry.  Set the twine ball on a small bowl and let it dry at least overnight (turning it occasionally).

The next day, pop the balloon and pull it out through one of the holes.  Ta-da!  Easy, decorative twine balls...fun for young and old alike!  (Your cat will like them, too!)

I haven't found the perfect way to display mine yet, but in the mean time, I'm thinking Disney...



  1. You really are the idea girl, aren't you!

  2. Fun and easy...it reminds me of the ones Mom made and put out at Easter time - the big Easter Eggs? I loved those things...

  3. Did you discover this yourself? That's very cool! And super easy to make..how fun :)