Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fools Potato Chip Prank

This is a very EASY April Fools joke...

Simply take a large potato chip and place it on the front seat of your loved one's vehicle.

Now for the overacting part (to make it seem like they have a chip in their paint)!  Say something like this while shaking your head in disgust,

"Wow!  Did you see that big chip in your car?!?  It's huge...
I wonder how it happened.  Where'd you go today?"

The kidlets did this for hubby a few years back...and they thought it was a hoot!


  1. Sadly, it took me a moment to catch up - but I get it! very cute- lol- the kids will love it (if I decide to tell them it's April fools!)

  2. That picture is so cute...that's the way I'll always see him in my head. Pre-flower/rock star hair-do and lots of freckles. :)

  3. Kandi, that is the way I see him in my head too!!! Sigh. I still remember what a big hit this one was the first time you did it! Our vehicles are do "chipped" up already that I don't think I would get a reaction from Rainman....but it is a great idea for people with nicer vehicles!