Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Star Wars Themed Valentine Idea

I've told you that I recently discovered Dollar Tree...so here is another Valentine idea for you!  I found these cool, puffy glow sticks and I thought they would make nice lightsabers.

I had seen a Valentine idea where you take a picture of your child with their hand outstretched.  Then you cut a little hole in their hand and insert a sucker (and it looks like they are giving it to you). 

Well, my kids weren't around (and I thought they were too old for that), so I decided to try using the dog.  I put his paw on my knee and took his picture:

Through the magic of Photoshop, we removed the background and added the Star Wars Cape.

Obi Wan Ken-CODY
 I printed the image onto cardstock.  Then I cut an "X" near his paw and inserted the glow stick as his light saber.

The kids loved this one, too!

Here are the lightsabers "in action"!

(Note:  It is OK to use this image for personal use...simply hover over the picture, right click, copy, open your word processing program, paste and print!)

My kids have ideas of their own...the oldest taped his light saber to a stuffed animal that we are calling "Yoda".  (It cracked us up!)

This reminds me that I think...

"YODA" best for reading my blog!


  1. One of your best yet, Karen!!! With the way A-man feels about Star Wars, I may have to find myself a Dollar Tree down here and see if they carry these! Awesome idea! Funny! Poor Cody looks kind of confused!


  2. What a great idea! Anyone would love these! Thank you! I LOVE your dog!

  3. Thanks! I was pleased with this one...I have Dollar Tree ideas coming out my ears!

  4. oh yes- dollar tree is the best! great for bribing- i mean rewarding little ones for good behavior!
    very cute idea! (wouldn't expect anything less from you)

  5. Valentine's Day can get so frilly and sweet...I love the idea of having something more for the boys. Using glow-sticks as light sabers is so creative...and "yoda" best for thinking of it!