Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chocolate Drizzled Kettle Corn

My sister (Kandi) was raving about this delicious chocolate drizzled Kettle Corn that she had at her MOPS group.  It was so good and such a hit with the ladies, that she brought it to our Super Bowl Party.  Yummmmm!!!

I encouraged sis to blog about it, but she didn' I'm going to!

Simply buy a bag of Kettle Corn (mine was from Costco) and some chocolate Almond Bark.

Spread a thin layer of Kettle Corn on a sheet of freezer paper (or parchment/waxed paper, or a cookie sheet, whatever). 

I melted six squares of the Almond Bark to drizzle on my large bag of popcorn.  (Use your judgment can always melt more.) 

Note:  Fancy Kandi put the melted chocolate in a baggie and snipped off a corner.  I ended up just drizzling mine off the edge of a spoon.  I had fun creating designs and trying to get a little chocolate onto every me it was an art project.

Let the chocolate dry/harden and then put it back into the bag that it came in for transport.

#1:  I didn't know that you could buy Kettle Corn in a bag.

#2:  This snack is delicious, fun and easy...
perfect for a special occasion (like the Oscars tonight)!


  1. Oh yum!!! I'm gaining weight just looking at the picture! Thanks alot. ha!

  2. That looks so good! I'm going to need to try that. I saw a recipe for chocolate peanut butter popcorn today too. Enjoy your Oscar party.

  3. i know some boys who will love this...
    hope you had a great oscar night party! hope to see pics-

  4. Mmmm, it's so good. Be generous with the's great to get a big chunk all stuck together with chocolate. Hubby and I fight over those pieces! :)

  5. OK -- Kandi said to use the ENTIRE package of chocolate almond bark (I only used half)...she's the expert!

  6. Oooo, that does look good. And so easy...I'm going to have to make that real soon! Hugs