Friday, January 28, 2011

Puzzle Piece Treasure Hunt

January 29 is National Puzzle Day...

so it's OK to engage in some puzzling behavior!

(I found this cute puzzle at Dollar Tree today...we'll be thinking of you, Grandpa!)


Here is an EASY treasure hunt using a
photograph that you cut into puzzle pieces.

(Make sure you cut up a "leftover" picture...maybe an extra school photograph?)

Simply write the hiding place of your "treasure" on the back of the picture.  (I am giving my kids gum, because they are always taking it out of my purse anyway.)

Cut the photograph into puzzle shaped pieces and put them in an envelope.  

Have them tape the puzzle together and then flip it over to read the message!  (My kids have done this before.  They just put together the white side and didn't need tape...either way will work!)

Happy Puzzle Day!


  1. Tell the boys I said they are cheaters. You're not suppose to do the white side, you're suppose to do the picture side! Cute idea, though. I remember Mom sending me a puzzle postcard once and I had to put it together to read it. I still have it!

  2. What is that white snowman guy? Is he real or a picture in a picture? Well, I know he isn't "real"....but you know what I mean. I am with Kandi - cheaters!!! :)

  3. cute idea! (again) they should call you the idea girl-

  4. The snowman tree was from Macy's 8th floor...they were singing and taking a "bough". (I thought it was funny!)

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  6. Ooh, I like this a lot. I'll have to use this with my nanny kids. The 2 year old is very much in puzzle mode, but gets bored after doing the same one 3 times. Now we can have a puzzle a day. Thanku much for posting.