Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Conversation Container

This is a fun activity!  Print and cut up the "conversation questions" and put them in a container from the dollar store...

How we used them:  Every night at dinner, we chose one question and went around the table giving our answers.  This was popular with my kids when they were younger, so I also made some as gifts for my friends.

(Optional:  If you don't want to make an actual container, print out the questions and use them to pass the time on a road trip.)

Here are some questions to get you started:

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for one month, what show would you choose to be trapped in?

If you could open your own store, what would you sell?  Why?

If you could play any musical instrument at the professional level, what would it be?

If you could be in the Olympics, which sport would you like to compete in?

What is your favorite thing to play on at a playground?
(Adults:  When you were a kid, what was your favorite thing to play on?)

What is your favorite toy to play with?
(Adults:  What was your favorite toy to play with when you were little?)

What are you most afraid of?  Why?

If you were offered a free trip to any foreign country, where would you like to visit?  Why?

If you could have two front-row tickets (and a backstage pass) to see any singer or musical group in concert, who would you like to see?

Which sport would you most like to play professionally?

You are offered an envelope that you know contains $50.  You may keep the $50 or take a chance and exchange it for another envelope that may contain $500 or may be empty.  Do you keep the first envelope with the guaranteed money or take a chance on the second one?

What particular feature/attribute about your mom do you see most in yourself?

Whose house do you always look forward to visiting?  Why?
(Adults:  As a youngster, whose house did you always look forward to visiting?)

What one item that you really wanted was worth every penny?

What is something that you thought you really wanted, but when you got it, found out that it wasn’t so great?

What kind of clothes are you most comfortable in?

What is one thing that you really like about yourself?

What is your favorite fragrance or smell?

What is your favorite summer (or winter) activity?

Which of the following events would you enjoy attending the most…a play, a concert, or a movie?

What special food do you always look forward to eating at Christmas?

If you were creating a movie about toys coming to life, which toy would be your main character?

If you could “shop until you drop” in any one store, which store would you choose?

If you had a great singing voice and could record a duet with any famous singer, who would you like to sing with?

Which one of your friends makes you laugh the most?

Which member of your family/extended family makes you laugh the most?

Working together, can you name all nine of Santa’s reindeer AND all seven dwarves?

What is something that you got in trouble for as a kid?

If you could have one superpower, what would you want it to be?

Which of the three daily meals do you look forward to the most?  Why?

What has been your most memorable family vacation?
(Adults:  What was your most memorable family vacation when you were growing up?)

What is your favorite meal?

What is your favorite dessert?

What childhood Christmas present do you remember most fondly?

Who is your favorite musical performer or group?
(Adults:  Who was your favorite performer/group when you were growing up?)

What is your favorite TV show?
(Adults:  What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?)

What is the most daring thing that you have ever tried?  What daring thing would you still like to try?

Besides a family member, which person (living or deceased) has had the greatest influence on you?

If you could change one thing about your current house, what would it be?

What is your favorite room in the house?  Why?

What is/was your favorite grade in school?  Why?

Who is/was your favorite teacher?  Why?

Most of us have had something taken away from us as a form of punishment…what would you most dislike giving up if someone was going to punish you in this way?

When you have a bad day, what is the best thing you can do to make yourself happy again?

What has been the most enjoyable club, team or group that you have ever belonged to?

What is something that you’ve always wished you could do well, but still can’t?

What particular feature/attribute about your dad do you see the most in yourself?

Happy Chatting!


  1. We still pull this out a few times a year and have brought it on road trips! We all love it - because the kids get to see a bit about us that they didn't know and we get to see how their answers change with age....and they remember weird stuff - just like Mom always accuses us of!!!

  2. Great idea! I love these questions. I plan on using these for our next road trip, and maybe family night too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

  3. I love these questions, too (but they make me a little sad). The kids used to be so excited and fight over who got to pick the question out of the container. Now they are "too cool" teenagers!

  4. I just LOVE this! I am a HUGE fan of encouraging families to have fun and meaningful conversation around the dinner table. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You're very welcome...thanks for visiting!