Friday, November 26, 2010

Kitchen Utensil Gift Idea

Remember Mad magazine?  It's also a TV show and they had a sketch that helped me cook up this idea.  This gift would be fun for anyone who is a fan of The Bachelor.


A Kitchen Utensil Christmas presents...


After a sizzling season, it had all come down to the Spatular's final bacon ceremony.

The long, lean Spatular looked at the curvy mixing spoon and said, "You really stir things up, but you're a lot to handle and I was kind of hoping for silicone..."

He turned to the other utensil and said, "Eliza, you're great and all, but I'm not sure you'll be able to take the heat!"

The Spatular looked at one and then the other, "I know I keep flipping back and forth, but I want to make the right decision.  I don't want to leave here with egg on my face!"

He finally made his choice when he turned to Eliza, "It's gonna get hot, but My Fair Ladle, will you please accept this bacon?"

The answer poured right out of her, "Yes, oh yes!"

The Spatular and His Fair Ladle lived happily ever after...
all tangled up in the kitchen drawer.

The End

From our kitchen to yours...
We "whisk" you a Merry Christmas!

(Give one or all of the mentioned kitchen utensils!  Note:  I used stick-on google eyes and tape.  This way the decorations peel right off and after they've been washed, everything is completely usable.)

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