Friday, October 15, 2010

Share Questions

Have you ever thought you knew certain things about your friends/kids/spouse/parents and then found out that you were wrong?
These questions would work for conversation starters in the car, around the dinner table, or as ice-breakers for your small group.

I'll share a little about myself...
  • Share your greatest pet peeve.  (Hmmm, one is loud gum-chewing.)
  • Share one thing you don't like to be nagged about.  (That would be my weight.)
  • Share one career path that you would be interested in pursuing if time and money were available.  (Something creative!  Advertising or behind-the-scenes TV production.)
  • Share about the one item you would take with you if you were a contestant on Survivor.  (I have thought about this one...I used to think that I would take a razor, but I've settled on a non-perfumed lotion.)
  • Share a recipe that you absolutely could not live without.  (Truthfully I am not a big recipe girl...maybe you can share some of your favorites for me to pass on to my hubby!)
  • Share about a place in the world you would like to visit, but have not yet.  (Australia...except for the long flight.)
  • Share about your favorite hobby.  (I love to traditionally scrapbook, but I am taking baby steps toward digital.)

Do you have a favorite, go-to recipe?

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