Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barbie Quiz

Barbie made her debut at the American Toy Fair in 1959.  Can you answer these trivia questions about her?

1)  What company produces the Barbie doll?

2)  How much did the first Barbie doll sell for?

3)  What is the approximate value of a 1959 Barbie in mint condition today?

4)  Who was Midge?

5)  Who was Skipper?

6)  Who was the first Barbie celebrity doll?

7)  What famous Hollywood fashion designer created the "Jewel Essence Collection"? 

8)  What famous person turned down an offer to have Barbie modeled after her?

9)  Barbie had more than 80 careers...what was her first one?

10)  Barbie's first pet was a horse named...?

For additional information:  Fashion Doll Guide


1)  Mattel
2)  $3.00
3)  $10,000
4)  Barbie's best friend (introduced 1963)
5)  Barbie's little sister (introduced 1964)
6)  Twiggy
7)  Bob Mackie
8)  Cindy Crawford
9)  Teenage fashion model
10)  Dancer

Since I was the oldest sister, all of my Barbie things were passed down to my younger siblings (my mom did keep Mrs. Beasley and Long-haired Chrissy for me).

Do you have any prized dolls from your childhood?

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