Saturday, October 2, 2010

ANSWERS -- Football Name Game

I hope you got a "kick" out of this game!
If you missed it, click here:  Football Name Game

Note:  Here is a picture of my son "taking a flying leap!"

 1)  Six-shooters (Colts)
2)  Monthly debts (Bills)

3)  Norse sea invaders (Vikings)
4)  Marine bird (Seahawks)
5)  King of the beasts (Lions)
6)  Dollar for corn (Buccanears)
7)  N, S, E, & W on a compass (Cardinals)
8)  Fought against Zeus (Titans)
9)  Credit card users (Chargers)
10)  American forefathers (Patriots)

11)  Relocation help (Packers)
12)  Tribe leaders (Chiefs)
13)  Forgetful sunbathers (Redskins)
14)  Navy lawyer/bloody conflicts (Jaguars)
15)  JR was one (Texans)

16)  A girl's toy/fish arms (Dolphins)
17)  Used to be girls (Bengals)
18)  Cities, Paul and Louis (Saints)

19)  Thieves (Steelers)
20)  Male bighorn (Rams)
21)  Famous package delivery pigment (Browns)

22)  Jack's beanstalk nemesis (Giants)
23)  Skillet/the day after Wed. (Panthers)
24)  Wild equine (Broncos)
25)  US bird (Eagles)

26)  Half bovine/half young male (Cowboys)
27)  Midnight fridge snackers (Raiders)

28)  Edgar Allen's bird (Ravens)
29)  Seven squared (49ers)
30)  Fuzzy Wuzzies (Bears)

31)  Henry's best-selling compact from 1960-1970 (Falcons)
32)  747's (Jets)

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