Friday, October 30, 2015

How to Create Custom Play Money!


We were having dinner with my father-in-law recently and he mentioned that he likes to watch "The Price is Right".  Since he is getting older, he may or may not ever get to California to watch a live I decided to bring the game to him!

How to create custom play money

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will attempt to share exactly what I did.  We will simply take it one step at a time and then you can be ready with a fun game for Christmas (use a Santa face?) or New Year's!  I wanted to use custom play money for a "Price is Right" style 'car' game that I will share in a future post.  Here is a tutorial on how to make your own play money to use for this game (or just for fun!).

The template for the money came from this website (scroll down about halfway until you see the words "Make your play money personal!").  I encourage you to watch the YouTube video as an overview before you get started.

My screen was a little different than his, so I will review my actual steps (using a PC with PowerPoint).

  1. On their website, scroll down to the "PowerPoint Template File Sheet".  Click on the image and select "Open" or "Open with Microsoft PowerPoint (default)".
  2. SAVE the file to your computer (somewhere you'll remember).
  3. Next open a separate blank PowerPoint document.  Drag across everything on the page to select it all and then delete the pre-loaded text boxes.
  4. Next select "Insert Picture" and navigate to the photo that you want to use.
  5. Make sure the picture is selected, then under Picture Tools/Format, select "Crop" (on the right hand side of the ribbon).
  6. Use the handles to zero-in on the face.  Click outside the selection to actually crop the photo.
  7. Go back to the other PowerPoint doc and select the denomination that you want to use (example:  $1 bill).
  8. Copy the bill (ctrl C).
  9. Return to the PowerPoint doc with the cropped face and paste in the bill (ctrl V).
  10. Resize the face until it is the right size and centered in the hole correctly.
  11. When you are satisfied, this next step is IMPORTANT!!!  Use "Select All" to select both images at once.  Under Picture Tools/Format, choose Arrange and select Group.  This basically combines your two images into one.
  12. Select the grouped image, and copy it (ctrl C).  Paste it five times (ctrl V).  Then drag the images into rows and columns.  Save your document!
Here is an example of what it should look like when you are finished...
How to create play money
HOMEWORK:  For my upcoming Price is Right game, you will need ten $1 bills, so print two pages in color.  Use a paper trimmer (or a scissor) to cut around the edges.  Of course in this scenario, you will have two extra "dollars" for fun money!

Please try creating your own custom play money and let me know if my instructions are clear enough!  I will be back soon with Part Two!


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