Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy Bunny Feet (with Easter Egg) Treasure Hunt

If you have young guests coming over for Easter, here is an easy three-step treasure hunt featuring bunny feet, Easter eggs and puzzle pieces!

I saw the bunny feet printable on this website: The Happy Home Fairy

Unfortunately the link from her post doesn't work, but we can get around that (see the "Details" section below).


Here is an overview of the treasure hunt and then I will give you the details.

Step 1:  Hide the bunny feet inside or outside, then read them this clue:

Happy Easter, you are so sweet...
Please work together and find 12 bunny feet!

Step 2:  After they accomplish that, read the next clue and assign them a specific egg color to find.  Inside will be custom puzzle pieces matched to their age. (Example:  Older kid one is assigned blue eggs which may have more puzzle pieces.  Younger kid two is assigned green with less puzzle pieces inside.)

Well done, nice use of your legs...
Next you each need to find 6 colored eggs!

Step 3:  After everyone has found all of their eggs, read the last clue.  They will each put their individual puzzle together to win their prize or basket.

Nice job - you are so wise...
Now solve your puzzle to win a fun prize!


Bunny Feet 

Simply hover over the bunny feet image on The Happy Home Fairy website and right-click your mouse to bring up the menu.  Left click on copy.  Then open Microsoft Word and right-click/paste.  You can resize the feet as this point by selecting the image and stretching the box, but you may not need to.  I printed 3 pages in color on cardstock.  Cut out your feet while you are watching TV.  :-)


Find cute pictures of the Easter Bunny on the internet, a different one for each child.  I copied and pasted the images into Word, then resized them if necessary.  


Print the pictures onto cardstock and cut them into puzzle pieces.  For young children - simply make six pieces (one for each egg).  Older kids can handle more (smaller) pieces.  In this case, you would put multiple puzzle pieces in each egg.  You can freehand the cuts or use a puzzle piece template similar to this one from the internet.



You can give the kids whatever is traditional in your household.  Easter baskets, candy, cute little gifts - whatever.  Here is a link to my Easter board on Pinterest with some ideas for you!
Happy Easter!

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