Monday, April 1, 2013

Newlywed Game Questions

Tomorrow is my son's two-year "dating" anniversary...
(Did we keep track of that kind of stuff back in the day?!?)

Anyway, it reminded me that I wanted to share a fun, clean, Newlywed (type) Game with you that we played on New Year's Eve.  This game is appropriate to play wth your dating teenagers or any of your couple friends for a fun get-together.  The winner might even get a prize chosen "especially for them"!

Sample questions include:
  • What is your wife (or girlfriend's) favorite comfort food?
  • What is your husband (or boyfriend's) favorite TV show?

Here is the link to the FREE game
from The Dating Divas website.

Simply print out one set of the questions and make a copy of the answer sheet for each couple (which you will cut in half).

(Tip:  Number both sets of questions from 1-10 before you pass them out to do away with any vertical or horizontal confusion!  We also wrote in "Wife or Girlfriend" and "Husband or Boyfriend".)

We played with three couples.  The men started out in one room with the ladies in another room (out of earshot from each other).  We simply had one person in each room read the the questions out loud and then everyone wrote down their answers on the answer sheet.  (At this stage, the women answer the pink questions and the men answer the blue questions.)

After all 10 questions were answered, we found our partners and took turns going around the room and answering the other set of questions.  (The women will now answer the blue questions, trying to "match" what our significant other has said about us).  We alternated between asking/answering blue and pink questions.  (If you have an "extra" person, they can be the game show host and run the show!)

It was funny to watch the teens "bickering" (just like an old married couple) about what constituted their first date, etc.  They beat us by a mile and placed second!

Happy Anniversary!

This game would even be fun for a teen-only "couples" party (after Prom?!?).  You could call it:

 "The (someday we might be) Newlywed Game"!

My son is never far from his laptop/cellphone, so they could also watch part of the original "retro" show before they start.

(Parts of this made me laugh out loud...we've come a long way ladies!)

If you only want to play the theme song:

If you like to sew, you could make little pillows as party favors for them to hit each other with when they miss an "easy" answer.

Other ideas?


  1. Aww...cute. I am excited to try this one....wonder if I can find more couples willing though?

  2. Get the ladies on board first! (The men really enjoyed it after we got going.) I forget to mention that you could make little pillows to hit each other with when you get an "easy" answer wrong!