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Wedding Shower "Who Said It?" Game

Wedding Shower Who Said It Game
Here is another game that we played at my niece's wedding shower.  Just for fun, I pasted an image of the bride and groom into Microsoft Word.  I used the "Snip-it" tool to separate and resize their heads to each fit onto an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  I printed them out on a color copier and used a glue stick to paste them onto cardstock.  After trimming around the edges and taping them to a craft stick, they were done!  I had originally planned to hold up the puppets when I told everyone "Who Said It", but the kids were busy playing with them, so we just skipped that part.

Wedding Shower Who Said It Game

The Game

Before the shower, I emailed my niece some questions and she emailed me back her answers.  She then asked her groom-to-be the same questions and emailed me his answers.  Just copy/paste the questions into an email OR use this "Who Said It" printable to mail the questions to the bride/groom a couple of weeks before your party.

  1.  Favorite TV Show
  2.  Favorite Video Game
  3.  Favorite Board Game
  4.  Favorite Singer/Musical Group
  5.  Favorite Activity
  6.  Favorite Restaurant
  7.  Favorite Magazine
  8.  Favorite Holiday
  9.  Favorite Body Part
10.  Favorite Color
11.  Favorite Flower
12.  Favorite Car
13.  Favorite Sport to Watch
14.  Favorite Book
15.  Favorite Movie
16.  Favorite Store
17.  Favorite City
18.  Favorite Dessert
19.  Favorite Cereal
20.  Favorite Food
21.  Favorite Animal
22.  How many pets do you want?
23.  How many children do you want?
24.  Favorite vacation spot
25.  Dream Honeymoon destination

I used 20 of the 25 questions for my game and made simple answer sheets with the name of the bride and groom on each line.  After I asked the question, the guests were asked to circle one of the names depending on who they thought "said it".  I compiled a master list where half of the answers were from the bride and half were from the groom in random order.  Some of them were easy to figure out...

  • Who said their favorite game is "Call of Duty"?  (That would be the Groom.)

Some were a little more difficult:

  • Who said their favorite TV show is "The Office"?  (Hmmm, that could be either one of them.)

This game was fun because we learned a little bit more about both the bride and the groom!

The winner is the person with the most correct answers.  You should probably save a couple of answers just in case there is a tie.

Note:  The reason that I only used 20 out of 25 questions was because niecey-poo answered three of them like this:
  • Favorite Board Game:  I don't like games
  • Favorite Sport to Watch:  I don't like sports
  • Favorite Animal:  I don't like animals
We had a good laugh after the game was over, but this is why I only used 20 questions and held back the remaining two questions/answers in case there was a tie. 

If you need another game, this one was fun too:


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  1. What a fun idea for a shower- I don't like some of the games I've come across at showers - but this one sounds great