Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Candy Rocket

I found a cute (FREE) printable that I adapted into a candy rocket for the 4th of July!

(Click the link above and then Amanda's link under "Supplies")

Amanda has great instructions, so I won't repeat everything -- but I will give you a couple of tips.  I printed everything on plain copier paper (instead of the heavier paper that she suggests) and it was just fine!
  • Use scotch tape to secure the striped rocket paper around the body of the package for a better fit. 
  • Use a low temp glue gun to make the cone and attach it to the top of the rocket.

Note:  The printable  is sized to fit around a package of Rolo's, but I used LifeSavers instead.  They are a little shorter, so I was able to hot glue my "flames" inside the empty space.  I also created my own fireworks gift tag instead of using her cloud.

If you are FIRED UP about this idea...please let me know if you try it!

How do you put an astronaut baby to sleep?


Happy Independence Day,


  1. Love this idea! Even I could put it together. :)

  2. Hey Karen!! so happy to see you posting some more of your great ideas - love it

  3. Thanks Kelli -- I was kind of sidetracked with graduation!

  4. Yes, I am glad you are back too! I didn't see this before the 4th...but I might adapt it for something else....