Friday, November 4, 2011

Angry Birds Party Ideas

My son's girlfriend likes the game "Angry Birds"...

It was her birthday and he wanted
to have a little dinner party for her.

For decorations, I made Angry Bird Balloons!
Aren't they cute?  Here is a link.

Print them one-sided in color.  I recommend using rolled up scotch tape to attach the pieces to the balloons. (Note:  The balloon looked black in the package, but when I blew it up -- it was actually purple.)

He put together a little fruit and cheese tray...
so I used Babybel cheese to make red birds!


I simply stuck on googly eyes and cut/punched
small pieces of scrapbook paper for the face.
(I was quite proud of my little cheese!)

We had chicken kabobs for dinner,
but it would be even funnier if you
made bacon-wrapped chicken!

I was pleased that sonny-boy went to a little effort
to make her birthday special!  He even gave her
an Angry Bird stuffed animal to commemorate the night...

Happy Bird-day to you...

We think you're TWEET!

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  1. What a great idea! I am proud of him....the acorn hasn't fallen too far from the tree!