Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paint Chip (Color Match) Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun game to have in your repertoire for
when your kids need a quick indoor or outdoor activity.
(Keep a stash of treats and/or cash on hand for prizes, too!)

When you are at any kind of store that sells paint, send them to the paint aisle to pick out six-ten random paint chips.  (Note:  If you plan to play this game outside, it is slightly easier to keep the colors in the "earth tone" range.)

I held the paint chips in my hand like a deck of cards and they took turns picking their colors.  After that, they raced around the house trying to find things that matched the colors on their paint chips. 

Because my kids chose bright colors, their prize for playing this game was a package of Skittles, so they could...

 "Taste the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors"

(Note:  If your child babysits, send this game keeps little ones entertained for longer than you'd think!)


  1. I love this one. My kids are always stealing the paint chips from the store I don't have to feel like we are just wasting them! Whose girl hand is in these?