Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marriage Wisdom Puppet Script

(Part 2 of Elaine's birthday puppet show.)

Marriage wisdom from Mel and Elaine!
Mel:  Since we’ve been married for over 50 years, Elaine, maybe we should share some of the things we’ve learned about staying together…
Elaine:  Well, every marriage has its up and downs, but the real key is to listen to each other.
Mel:  Like she said, men.  You just need to become mind-readers!  We’ll show you what we mean…If Elaine says, “Oh Mel, you're so manly!”
Elaine:  That means, “You need to shave and take a shower.”

Mel:  If she says, “This kitchen is so inconvenient…”
Elaine:  What I really mean is, “I want a new house.”

Mel: If Elaine says, “I want new curtains.”
Elaine: Oh, oh, oh!  That one means, “I want new curtains and I also want new carpet and new furniture!"

Mel:  If she says, “You have to learn to communicate.”
Elaine:  That means, “You just need to agree with me.”
Mel:  OK men, let’s review.  If your wife says ‘Yes’ to something.
Elaine:  She really means, ‘No.’

Mel:  And if your wife says, ‘No.’

Elaine:  She really means, ‘No.’

Mel:  And if your wife says, ‘Maybe’

Elaine:  She really means, ‘No’.  It’s so easy!
Mel:  I hope that was helpful for everyone!
Elaine:  I’m sure it was.

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