Friday, January 14, 2011

Children's Song Quiz

How much do you remember about the
songs you learned in elementary school?
(I’ll give you the song title as a hint if it’s not obvious.)

  1)  What will mama/papa buy you if the mockingbird won't sing?  (Hush, Little Baby)

  2)  How long have I been working on the railroad?

  3)  What color is the basket in "A Tisket, A Tasket"?

  4)  Where does the "Muffin Man" live?

  5)  How many blackbirds were baked in a pie?  (Sing a Song of Sixpence)

   6)  Who did the Three Blind Mice run after?

  7)  How long is the Camptown racetrack?  (Camptown Races)

  8)  What happened to Clementine?  (Oh, My Darling Clementine)

  9)  What should we tell Aunt Rhody?

10)  What three types of animals are mentioned in the first verse of "Home on the Range"?

11)  Where did I come from and where am I going in "Oh, Susanna"?

12)  What did Yankee Doodle call the feather that he stuck in his cap?

Scroll down for the answers...

  1)  A diamond ring
  2)  All the live long day
  3)  Green and yellow
  4)  Drury Lane
  5)  Four and twenty (24)
  6)  The farmer's wife
  7)  Five miles long
  8)  She drowned (I didn't know that!)
  9)  The old gray goose is dead
10)  Buffalo, deer, antelope
11)  Come from Alabama, goin' to Louisiana
12)  Macaroni

How did you do?

What was your favorite song to sing?


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