Monday, January 3, 2011

"Can" You Figure These Out?

On your pantry shelf are cans galore...
Each had a label when it came from the store.
A prankster thought it would be clever and fun...
To remove the labels, one by one.

It was a dirty trick, but they did leave a clue...
A note on each one before they were through.
Study the hint attached to each can...
So the labels can all be put on again!

  1)  The plural 16th letter of the alphabet.
  2)  Hits someone on the head with a ball.
  3)  Holy Mackerel!
  4)  Diamonds are measured this way.
  5)  Heart pulsations.
  6)  You can make 3.14159... out of this.
  7)  Like a boxer's ears.
  8)  In a state of anxiety about something.
  9)  A hardening of the skin on your toes.
10)  A fruit eaten as a vegetable.

Scroll down for the answers...

  1)  Peas
  2)  Beans
  3)  Tuna
  4)  Carrots
  5)  Beets
  6)  Pumpkin
  7)  Cauliflower
  8)  Stew
  9)  Corn
10)  Tomatoes

Why did the tomato go out with a prune?

Because he couldn't find a date!

What is small, red and whispers?

A hoarse radish!


  1. I did good until I got to #8!!!I will have Rainman try later and see how he does!

  2. Well, I got the first one... :) I like your new blog header and design - it looks nice!