Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmints Gift Idea!

Here is an inexpensive, but cute gift idea/stocking stuffer:

Merry Christmints!

Click here to print the free label (for personal use only):

(This printable is from one of my fave new websites:

  • Print the labels on white cardstock and use a paper trimmer to cut them out (you get two per sheet).
  • Fill a snack size Ziploc-type bag with mints.  (I bought a bag of soft mints for $2.50 and was able to make eight gifts.)
  • The labels were not sized perfectly for my snack bags, so I don't know if baggie sizes vary slightly by manufacturer(?).  If that happens, just line up one edge and staple it, then turn in the other corner until it fits (and staple again).
  • Write your message on the backside:

    Thanks for all your encourage-MINT with my blog!
    You have my commit-MINT to give you an assort-MINT of different ideas for your invest-MINT of time!
    (I MINT to stop right there...
    but I kept going for my own enjoy-MINT!)

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