Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We "Swish" You a Merry Christmas Gift Idea!

I used to work in a dentist's office (they are not kidding about flossing by the way), so one year I gave all of the guys mouthwash with a note saying,

We "Swish" You a Merry Christmas!

There is even a Christmas tree shaped mouthwash out there this year!

(Dorky?  Yes.  Useful?  YES!  It is mistletoe season, right?)

Note:  For younger kids/teens/nieces/nephews, you could give them a fun toothbrush/toothpaste combo...there are musical toothbrushes that play different tunes (which my kids really liked).  We recently found a light up/flashing toothbrush that looked fun, too.  Look in the toothbrush/toothpaste aisle sometime, you'll be surprised at the options! 

I have teeth on my mind, because son #2 got his braces off today...after three long years!

(Note:  This was quite a process for him because as the orthodontist put it, "His upper and lower jaws don't match.  He is like Frankenstein's monster, where his upper jaw came from one cadaver and his lower jaw came from a different cadaver."  Ewww!)

I've been to the dentist several times...so I know the drill!

You'd like my dentist, she is very in touch with her fillings!

Anyway, I do "SWISH" you an early 
Merry Christmas!


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