Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bird's Eye View Treasure Hunt

My second child especially likes treasure hunts, so here is another one...

Bird's Eye View Treasure Hunt

Note:  This treasure hunt is a good one for the men to help with (they seem to like drawing maps)!  I sketched what I thought was a pretty good "bird's eye view" representation of our yard.  When I showed it to my husband, he said that my "proportions" were all wrong, so he re-did it.  (Whatever gets them involved, I say!)

Here is an example of what your drawing could look like if  you are artistic:

Simply hide your "treasure" somewhere outside and mark an "X" on your map representing where it is.

Updated 11/7/15:  I made a free printable with the bird and rhyme below for you to use!  Simply print it out and draw your map on the bottom...

Bird's Eye View Treasure Hunt

Flying over your house was really neat...
Then I looked down and saw a treat!

It's marked with an "X" and especially for you...
Just look at the map from a bird's point of view!

(Option:  If you wanted to do this indoors, just draw a simple floor plan of your house instead of using a map.)

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Have fun!


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