Friday, April 22, 2016


I recently discovered "Subscription Boxes" and they make GREAT gifts, either for yourself or someone else!  In my next series of posts, I am going to highlight a few of my favorites.

If you need a gift for a Science Fiction fan, let me introduce:


Supply Pod Gift Idea

From their website:
  • We're announcing a new mystery box program that will allow fans of science and sci-fi to explore a new sci-fi property or scientific theme, in depth, every other month.  Supply Pod will deliver entertaining and enlightening merchandise themed around the biggest and most exciting sci-fi and science events, direct to your door.

Long story short, I agreed to chair another silent auction this year.  (This is the second one that I've chaired, and I swear it is my last one!)  We went back to an "old-school" paper auction this year (another long story) and I'm including this picture because I asked my husband to "test" all of the pens.  When he saw this photo, he asked if I noticed his nice job with the pen placement.  (I didn't until he pointed it out, but cute, right?)

Anyway, I was trying to come up with some unique items for people to bid on and I wandered down the "subscription box" path.  Supply Pod was one of the first to graciously agree to donate to my cause and their limited edition X-Files box promptly arrived in the mail.

As you can see, the box itself is cute.

Supply Pod Gift Idea

The X-Files themed box that I received for my auction was full of great things including:  Knit Beanie Hat (exclusive), Dana Scully Funko Pop Figure, Truth Detector Card, Comic: The X-Files Season 11 #1, Book: The Real Science Behind the X-Files by Anne Simon (autographed), Timeline Poster, and Cell Phone Wallet.

This was a unique and fun box and people enjoyed bidding on it!  The kind COO even emailed me after our event to ask me how it went...

So if you need a cool gift for a sci-fi fan, I can unequivocally recommend Supply Pod!  The current themed box is "Space Exploration".  You can buy just one box or get a multiple pod subscription for a fun surprise every other month.


I'd like to thank Supply Pod again for their donation to our silent auction!  A blog post was not a condition or requirement of their donation, but I am happy to provide a positive review anyway.  Your sci-fi fan will love this gift...I kid you not!

P.S.  If you have a science minded college student, this would also make a GREAT care package!

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