Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Jolly Good" Show Choir Treats!

Have I mentioned that I love Show Choir?!?  Well, we are a newbie program (in our third year) and we have had some success; however it is a bit hard to compete with the 30 year programs and their incredible budgets/sets/costumes (and costume changes)/feeder programs, etc.

So...we were very excited that they were able to start a Middle School group this year.  Since they have their first "exhibition" at an upcoming event, I wanted to give them a little treat from the older kids for the bus ride home.

I had extra Jolly Rancher suckers from the Lip/Mustache Treats, so I put together a little gift bag with a sign that said,

"JOLLY good show!
Congratulations on your first exhibition...
we are proud of you!"

If you prefer to give the gift beforehand, simply say, "Have a JOLLY good show!"
Easy, but cute (and it could work for any "show", not just Show Choir!)


Here is a shot of the Varsity group that we are so proud of!


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  1. Love the dresses. I can't believe they started a Middle School show choir! So cool!