Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Squares

I had a hard time finding my own post for Sunday's get together.  Here is a re-post of an easy way to make a game board for the Super Bowl!

It is easy to make a "numbers" game board for your Super Bowl party!  Even people who only tune-in to watch the commercials will have fun keeping track of the score (if they have a chance to win prizes)!

Start with a 10x10 grid.  (I made mine in Excel, but you could simply draw one.)  Print one team name across the top and the other down the side.  Remember to leave blank spaces for the numbers that will get added later.

There will be 100 spaces on the board that need to be filled in...

Let's say that there will be 10 people at your party.  Have each person sign/initial 10 random squares on the board.

Now you are ready to add the numbers!  From a deck of cards, take out one Joker (for 0), plus Ace through 9.  Shuffle your mini deck and flip the cards over one at a time to fill in the top of your board.

Shuffle the cards again, and do the same thing down the left side.

Now everyone has their numbers!

I'm going to award a prize after each quarter.  (The prizes could be:  candy, small amounts of cash, scratch-off lottery tickets, gift cards...whatever!)

To determine the quarter winner:  Let's say the score after the first quarter is Green Bay 14, Pittsburgh 10.  Go to the Packers "4" on the board, and the Steelers "0" and see where they intersect.  In my example, Cody would be the first winner!

This is fun!  Give it a try, even if there are only two of you watching the game...the "prize" could be who does the dishes all week!

We'll be rooting for the Central Division...

Go Packers!

Note:  If you need another game for your party, try reading these "alternate" football team names aloud for everyone to solve:


  1. Fun! I printed your commercial idea you sent too. We will be with Rainman's brother, sister-in-law, and mom this year...so we should be able to fill in a whole board!