Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Left Right Game

My co-worker has been telling me about the "Elf on the Shelf".  If you haven't heard of it and you have younger kids, the Elf basically watches your kids to see if they've been naughty or nice and then reports back to Santa.  You move him around every day...search the Internet for all kinds of fun ideas!

Anyway, that made me think of my old Left/Right game that featured Elves.  You will need one wrapped package for each person who plays this game.  Everyone starts with a random package and as the story is read, they pass their packages to the left or right whenever they hear one of those words (ending up with a different package).

You can either supply a variety of wrapped gifts/candy/books or request that everyone bring a wrapped gift to exchange (with whatever price limit that fits your budget).

Santa's Workshop (LEFT/RIGHT) Game

One day at the North Pole, all of the elves were in a panic!  They had just realized that there was only one week LEFT before Christmas.  The elf in charge of wrapping the presents had been very sick, which had LEFT him too weak to do the job RIGHT.  I'll tell you that there were a lot of worried faces in Santa's workshop as all of the elves LEFT their regular jobs to try to figure out the RIGHT way to solve this problem.

The littlest carpenter elf, who was standing RIGHT next to the boxes, came up with just the RIGHT solution.  "I know!  Let's all help wrap the presents and then we can go RIGHT back to working on our toys until we finish up what's LEFT!"

So the elves formed an assembly line that stretched RIGHT down the workbench, almost all the way to the Christmas tree that was standing in the corner to the LEFT of the cocoa and cookies.  The first elf chose a toy and found the RIGHT box for it.  He handed it to the elf on his LEFT who placed the toy RIGHT inside the box.  The next elf wrapped it RIGHT up and stacked the packages RIGHT by the door, so they could be loaded RIGHT onto Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.  When there was nothing LEFT for them to do, the elves decided that this was just the RIGHT time for a cookie break.  They smiled at each other because they knew that they had done the RIGHT thing by working together.  No toy would be LEFT behind because it wasn't wrapped -- and everyone would have a very Merry Christmas...RIGHT?

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  1. When I was young, my Mom had a male and female pair of elves much like the one you have pictured...do they still sell these? I wish I would have known about the elf on the shelf when my boys were little....

  2. They do sell these elves...they are apparently making a major comeback! I agree about the "Elf on the Shelf" -- I have seen some very creative ideas. My fave is the elf making an angel in the snow. :-)