Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Morse Code Treasure Hunt

Well, son #2 is turning 15 tomorrow, and somehow his birthday snuck up on me!

I haven't been feeling very "inspired" lately, and I couldn't think of anything special to do for his birthday.  I was all crabby today thinking, here is it, May Day, and I'm freezing.  There's not a flower in sight!  May Day...May...Day.  Mayday! Mayday! S.O.S.!

Hey, wait a minute, S.O.S. is Morse Code...I could make a treasure hunt out of dots and dashes!  (Whew!)

Here's what I did:

I spelled out a message using the sheet above.  I put four spaces in between each letter and a slash (/) between words.  That is all I'm going to tell you right now, because this might just be the ONE and only day he decides to look at my blog!

Morse Code Treasure Hunt, Part II


  1. Too funny! He probably would pick today to read it! Can't wait to see the finished product after he gets a chance to do it!

  2. That's a fun one for an older kid, hope he enjoys it and has a great birthday!