Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Morse Code Treasure Hunt, part II

Wow...sorry it took me so long to continue this post!  Sometimes life gets in the way, right?!?

I decided on a TREE theme for Connor's treasure hunt.  (A shout out to Andrea for giving me the idea to BRANCH out and re-use my Money Origami post!)

Using the Morse Code cheat sheet (below), I typed two messages using dots and dashes (with a "/" between words and four spaces between letters).  The clues would lead him to two different trees.

I started by giving him an envelope with the cheat sheet and the first clue.  This clue says:

Birthday wishes for a TREEmendous kid!

Clue #1:

Thanks to sunshine and April showers,
I'll soon bloom with pretty, pink flowers!


TREE was the important clue...this brought him to my flowering crab tree (which still hasn't flowered yet!).  He found the next clue which said:

I was once sturdy and strong,
until oak wilt came along!

At the dead tree, he found his birthday card (filled with a TREEmendous amount of money, of course)!

I'm going to go out on a LIMB here and say that this is a fun treasure hunt for older kids (or adults), try it!


  1. I have been waiting and waiting to see how this went! Fun! I bet it took you a while to type up the morse code clues, huh! Really a fun is actually kind of sneaky school too! Love it!

  2. What a fun idea! I love the money folded like a tree:)

  3. How fun, Karen. You're right about older kids enjoying this idea. I may just have to try it out. :)

  4. fantastic idea Karen- I have a birthday boy to plan for in June! I'll let you know how it goes-

  5. Hi Karen! I have used this idea (sort of) with each of my 4 boys. It was always for their birthday gift, and never on a similar birthday, but it had to be for a gift they had specifically asked for, and (probably) assumed they were going to get. In other words, the treasure hunt may have actually trumped the gift. Anyway, I used index cards, made up poems (4 liners) that gave them clues. I had them running all over the neighborhood, with the cooperation of the neighbors. I also made a hat (balloon-trimmed and crepe paper, or something equally amazing) that was their "hunter hat". It just gave another layer to the game. Fun Fun Fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing, that does sound like fun...especially the "hunter hat"! 😃

  7. Hmm - I guess I can't use emojis because it turned my smiley face into two question I know. :-)