Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peanut Butter Reindeer Sandwich

'Deer' Blog-readers:

Have you 'herd' of this easy, kid-friendly sandwich?  It doesn't cost a lot of 'bucks', so you won't run out of 'doe' this Christmas!  I know it seems like I have all the 'antlers', but you really don't need to 'fawn' over me!  (Well, you can if you want to...) 

I know, I know...the ears are big.  You could leave that part off, or cut them in half.  (We weren't allowed to waste anything and now it is ingrained in me, right, Mom?)

The eyes could be raisins, chocolate chips or M&M's.  I used a red M&M for the nose, but you could also use a red hot or a Twizzler Nibs.

Did Rudolph go to regular school?


he was ELF-taught!

(Reindeer jokes just SLEIGH me!)

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