Friday, October 29, 2010

Gramogram Quiz

Words that sound like letters are called Gramograms...

Example:  The number after 79 is 80 (A-T).

Can you figure out which two letters represent the following words?

  1)  A climbing vine
  2)  Frozen roadways
  3)  Popular spreadsheet program
  4)  Native American tent
  5)  Description of a snake's eyes
  6)  Too much of something
  7)  Jealousy
  8)  An English composition
  9)  Not full
10)  Mayberry lad
11)  Not hard
12)  To fall into ruin
13)  Master of ceremonies
14)  Barry, Robin or Maurice Gibb


  1)  A climbing vine  I-V
  2)  Frozen roadways  I-C
  3)  Popular spreadsheet program  X-L
  4)  Native American tent  T-P
  5)  Description of a snake's eyes  B-D
  6)  Too much of something  X-S
  7)  Jealousy  N-V
  8)  An English composition  S-A
  9)  Not full  M-T
10)  Mayberry lad  O-P
11)  Not hard  E-Z
12)  To fall into ruin  D-K
13)  Master of ceremonies  M-C
14)  Barry, Robin or Maurice Gibb  B-G

Did N-E of you get them all?
Your gramogram would be proud!

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