Monday, September 13, 2010

The Money Tree Treasure Hunt

Money Tree Treasure Hunt 

(updated 9/24/15)

This treasure hunt was a popular one!  When my kids were younger, I typically gave them a gift on the first and last day of school.  However by the time they were in middle school, I was running out of ideas - plus they were all about the money (money).

So I clipped money into the low hanging branches of two different trees.  When they got home from school, I handed them each an envelope with this message inside (feel free to copy/paste):

Trees grow fruit and trees grow leaves…
But money is neither one of these.

Don’t give up and you could find…
A tree full of money that’s one of a kind!

Each one found their tree and then collected the cash.  Remember  how much money you put in there, because it does kind of blend in!

They collected one dollar bills, but wouldn't this be a great way to gift money to your spouse or a newly married couple (maybe $10's & $20's)?!?

Fun for all ages...let me know if you try it!


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